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Buzzard's Family Shoes is one of only a few "traditional" shoe stores still around, and offer services buyers can't find in shoe outlets or discount stores. Brothers Bob and Dave Buzzard grew up in the shoe business (founded by their parents, Leo and Mary Jane Buzzard in October of 1962), and have owned the store for more than 50 years.

  The brothers and their staff are experts in special shoe fitting, including shoes the require special insoles, orthopedics or braces. They work with customers referred to them by podiatrists, doctors, and chiropractors. They serve customers with arthritis and diabetes too.

  The staff at Buzzard's Family Shoes keep record of how customers' shoes fit and feel. Your foot changes, a size 9 you always have worn could become a 9 1/2. A Brannock device is used for proper measurement each time you come into the store.

  With all the hands-on, personal and professional services you might wonder about the prices. Shoes at Buzzard's are priced competitively (usually within $5 or even less) of those offered at the big shoe warehouses.

  Loyal customers can save even more with the Buzzard's Nest Club. Customers get a free pair of shoes of comparable value after purchasing 12 pairs of shoes. The Store also offers a free gift to customers who refer new customers.

  Customer service is Buzzard's Family Shoe's number one priority and we pride ourselves on the "wow" fit of your shoe. Please stop by and see what a "Real" shoe store can offer you. 

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